Take Me Away

Hello.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with Living a life through books. Today, is a dreamy journey.  Or maybe not dreamy at all.  It’s about those great moments in a book that make you re-read those lines over and over and over again like you can’t get enough of that one scene.  I’m going to sound […]

I’m not you!

Hello, this is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with Living a Life through book and today let’s talk about characters. Someone asked me if I found myself in a character in a book?  Anyone, I identified with.  Well, to be honest, I don’t think so.  Sometimes I think I’m too crazy to be in a book, but that’s […]

Halloween episode

Welcome to Halloween and my first seasonal episode. Here’s a bit of micro history.  I have had, since the beginning of September, enough episodes for publishing every other week all the way up to the end of this year.  Yes, 2018 is in the bag.  I considered doing more episodes and maybe even putting out an […]