Episode 3 – We are who we are

Hello and welcome again. Today, let’s talk about the mirror. OK, not the literal mirror, but the mirror that allows us to look within ourselves and try to discover who we are and what we really like, without fear of judgment from others.  I remember talking to someone years ago about how he loved ABBA but hid […]

Episode 2 – Good to Great: The referencing principle

Hello again and welcome to my second podcast.  In my first introductory podcast, I made mention that I am a pediatric dentist. For today, let’s talk a bit about that and books, of course.  I have my own practice and if I were to be honest, the dentistry is not the challenge. It’s the business aspects, because […]

Episode 1 – Introduction to Living a Life Through Books

Shahnaz Ahmed podcasting

Hello, I’m Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed and welcome to my first podcast, living a life through books.  I’m a pediatric dentist, but that is not totally relevant to this podcast.  It may have some relevance later on, but for now a little bit of background.  This podcast originally started as a personal reading experiment.  Yes, I […]