I’m not you!

Hello, this is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with Living a Life through book and today let’s talk about characters. Someone asked me if I found myself in a character in a book?  Anyone, I identified with.  Well, to be honest, I don’t think so.  Sometimes I think I’m too crazy to be in a book, but that’s […]

I’m different for a bit

Hello everyone and welcome again to Living a Life Through Books.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed musing about my journey of reading.  In this episode, I would like to dovetail into the last episode of books that changed your life.  So, I think in terms of the more recent books I’ve read.  I’ll get the […]

Road Trip from St. Louis to New Orleans, LA

I did say road trip.  Let’s start off with approximate time.  10 hours.  Give or take.  The convenience of this particular trip is that we are mostly on one highway – 55 South.  Other than our necessary stops for food, gas, rest room, stretching legs or change of drivers, it’s pretty much a straight shot […]

Episode 7, part I – I’m different now

Hello again.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed with living a life through books.  This is a two part episode.  Here’s a bit of background.  When I started thinking seriously about this podcast and began developing the framework and content for the episodes, it was in June of this year. At that time, I was asking […]

Halloween episode

Welcome to Halloween and my first seasonal episode. Here’s a bit of micro history.  I have had, since the beginning of September, enough episodes for publishing every other week all the way up to the end of this year.  Yes, 2018 is in the bag.  I considered doing more episodes and maybe even putting out an […]

Can’t Sleep, Can’t Put it Down

“A book you could not put down” That is the topic for this transcript from the podcast by Living a Life through Books. Here’s the link for the podcast. Hello again and as always, welcome back.  This is Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed, your friendly neighborhood book reader for living a life through books.  Before I start […]

Episode 5 – The Re-read

Hello everyone.  Last time we spoke about half finished books. This time, let’s go the other direction. What about a book you’ve finished and love so much, you want to read it again?  That has happened to me.  I’ve read “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” 3 times.  First time, I read it.  Second time, I highlighted […]

Episode 4 – Unfinished

And it’s me again. Today let’s talk about finishing books. In my experiment, I only counted the books I had finished.  An unfinished book, was an unfinished book.  I did not think it would be fair to say that I had read a book, although I read it half way and did not like it.  So, what […]